Fatima El Kosht

Über mich

Fatima El Kosht was born in Argentina. Between 1997-2001, she participated playing the flute, the trumpet or/and singing in some different projects like 'Sinsemilla', 'BuenaLaSuerte', 'Pirajica' (brasilian samba) or 'Los Monigotes de Morondanga' (latin and centroamerican music). In July 2005, with Juan Maiorano, she sang in a project called Fabulaxia (www.myspace.com/fabulaxia) what is a mix of different types of songs in english, french, spanish and portuguese. Actually she lives in Austria studying. She participates in a reggae project called Nat Maikokii in which she makes the brass arrangements, plays the trumpet and sings some of her new compositions. Other projects coming...


Telefonnummer: 0688 / 8277985